about us

From our inception in 1982, Hydrolines’ only priority has been to provide clients with the dependability of safe passage of high-pressure hydraulic fluids between ports in construction, mining and drilling machinery at all times. Our track record of consistently providing headache-free delivery of premium hose and steel tube assemblies and adapters rests on the Hydrolines blend of thought leadership in our business model and diligence in its execution.

For the past 27 years, we have used the current and anticipated needs of our clients’ clients as well as our direct clients to shape our structure, culture, processes, solutions and team. Embracing our clients’ right to expect the security of quality assemblies and adaptors at their time, quantity and place of choosing explains clients within India and abroad assimilating Hydrolines into the “make-it-happen” fabric of their demand fulfillment chain.

We cherish the trust, confidence and faith our clients have in us and we know that deepening these is only possible when we as a company decide, renew and execute before others. Cultivating an ecosystem of strategic vendors in manufacturing; investing in the best production and in-house testing capabilities globally; commitment to the right-skilling of our people; strong relationships with the premium global hose and raw material suppliers and unwavering adherence to international standards including JIC, JIS, DIN, SAE, BIS and BSP for over 27 years consistently make us honourable and dependable partners of construction and mining OEMs within India and mature markets.

2009 has seen the inauguration of our latest plant within a major OEM’s production premises to ensure zero inventory and freight time and costs.

Performance under pressure is the experience of our products in the field.
Pressure or Range : No limits !